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What Software For Projects is About

Hi, do you ask yourself these questions?

  • “I am looking for project management software but can’t seem to find one that does what I need.
  • Our PMs tend to lose track of what activities are due today and what has started. Is there a better tool that can give us transparency on project progress?”
  • “I’m managing a small team of 5 people. The problem is – we’re using Discord to communicate, Git for tasks, Google Calendar for planning statuses and Drive to share files. I hate how convoluted and disconnected everything is. Is there an all in one project management tool?”
  • “I need help finding a PM tool for a small agency. First order of business is trying to land on a PM software to commit to.  There are just so many options out there!
  • “We are using Asana for tasks, it’s a great tool to assign a task. However, to keep track of the project deadlines and see overall resources it’s a bit painful. What tools can you use to keep track on resources and projects?”

Then you’ve come to the right place.

What you’ll find on this site

  • A comprehensive overview of project management software, neatly organized by industry, platform, use and other factors — all for your convenience
  • Unbiased reviews of the best project management tools
  • Guides to help you find the right project management tool
  • Current deals for project management software

Why you can trust us

  • Our reviews are not influenced by financial incentives. We only praise software that deserves your attention because it is known to do a good job in its specific niche.
  • The reviews and rankings you find here are based on feedback from real end-users. We let those people make the verdict who are actually using the software in their job.

Meet Adrian Neumeyer, Founder of Software For Projects

Hi, my name is Adrian Neumeyer. I’m an IT project manager and CEO of Tactical Project Manager, the #1 educational resource on project management. After talking to many fellow project managers in my network, I realized that almost all actually hated their PM tools. Their tools were either too cumbersome to use or didn’t integrate with other apps. So I decided to build a catalog where companies and professionals with project responsibility could easily browse for suitable solutions that better meet their needs. You can reach me via LinkedIn.

Adrian Neumeyer